Benefits of Bulk


For all plans, please call the office to work out the details for your specific needs. 605-886-5829 Ext 2

ACH Payment Option

ACH is a great option to select if you would like your payments to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account rather than making a payment with the office. In addition to the convenience of this option, you would still receive the discount of 10¢ off per gallon on bulk deliveries. To set this up, you would simply contact the office at 605-886-5829 Ext 2. Note that if ACH is set up with a budget plan, the additional 10¢ per gallon discount is not applied due to already receiving the lowest rate available.

If you find yourself in need of assistance with paying your bill, there are local and state agencies that offer help with energy assistance. You will need to contact your state or local offices before September to allow enough time to initiate the assistance so that your bill is paid on time. Please note that our office does not assist with setting up fuel assistance, and payments made through Fuel Assistance will not receive dividends.

In one-off cases, we may be able to make other acceptable payment arrangements if you contact us in a timely manner before the bill is due.

Being a locally owned and operated business means that we are doing business with our friends and family in the community. We appreciate all our customers and want to serve you to the best of our ability and appreciate your understanding of why we must be able to collect payments in a timely fashion. Thank you for your business and your patronage! If you have any questions regarding our credit policy or your account, please contact our office.


Each year, SVC reviews its annual earnings. From there, each local account is reviewed to determine the investment of the customer through their bulk purchases (transport and c-store purchases are not included). Dividend amounts are determined each year based on both factors. Once a year, typically in the Spring, our customers with patronage receive a check for the cash portion of their calculated purchases. The remainder of their dividend will be equity. If you are a member of SVC, you have ownership of the $26.9 million dollars of total member equity.

So, what is EQUITY and why does it matter? Equity is the value of what we retain as your ownership in the coop to operate. This dollar value has your name on it and is redeemed when 1) you turn 70yrs of age, 2) death/estate, or 3) the board decides to retire the stock early.

5 Year History of Ag, Commercial, Construction, Fleets, and C-store Consumers

·       SVC’s Total Earnings range from $1.7M - $3.9M.

  • C-stores/cardtrols have contributed $2.0M - $4.0M to the bottom line.

·       SVC has issued $1.0M - $2.3M in patronage back to patrons.

  • Patronage per gallon has ranged from 0.09 - 0.20 cents per gallon.
  • Bulk patrons have received 80% - 90% of the total patronage issued.

·       SVC has focused on the growth of our bulk patrons to expand both bulk and transport delivery operations.