Petroleum Products

Whether you’re running Cenex Roadmaster XL on the highway or Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster in the field, you’re benefiting from more than 50 years of Cenex experience as an industry leader in premium diesel fuel. Cenex leads the industry in premium diesel fuel, with a proprietary blend that maximizes performance and fuel efficiency, reduces downtime and maintenance costs, extends injector and injector pump life, and provides quicker, smoother starts. Sioux Valley Co-op is proud to deliver your premium bulk fuel at a competitive price and in an efficient manner.

Bulk Fuel

  • Biodiesel blends
  • #2 diesel
  • Premium gas
  • Unleaded, no ethanol
  • E-10 to e-85 ethanol blends
  • Kerosene
  • E98 race fuel
propane truck


Whether it’s early in the morning or late in the day, call us for hookups, deliveries, and repairs. The Sioux Valley Co-op team is ready to fuel your needs.

  • Forklift and 20# exchange services
  • Motor fueling along with camper and RV filling
  • Tank leasing and remote monitors
  • Installation and repair of new and existing propane equipment
  • Propane bulk delivery
  • Propane tank exchange
  • Temp construction heating

Propane/Fuel Delivery Policy

  1. Any accounts NOT considered a KEEP FULL Account (CODs or WILL CALL CUSTOMERS) will have a 3 to 5 business day delivery timeline from the time of order request.
  2. Busy times of the year such as planting, harvest, and drying season which require extended service are classified as normal deliveries and will be delivered to on the weekend as necessary.
  3. All customers who have contracts or are part of our budget program will be considered a KEEP FULL account. Contracted gallons will be used first before all deliveries.
  4. All first-time deliveries must be paid for at the time of delivery unless credit approval has been given.
  5. A cash discount of $.10 cents per gallon will be allowed on bulk and transport purchases if your account is current and your purchase is paid within 10 calendar days of delivery or if you have a credit balance. Discounts may change without notice and exclude contracts, budget program, or special pricing.
  6. All accounts will have the option to prepay contracts or comply with the cash terms and credit policy.
  7. Rental Properties: There will be no crediting of gallons by Sioux Valley Coop to the landlords or tenants. Once the product is paid for, it will be up to the landlord to settle with the tenant. Any leased tanks shall be leased to and paid for by the landlord.
  8. In order to remain on a keep full basis, the customer account must be current, have a signed contract set up, or be on the budget program.
  9. Same Day Delivery will be assessed a $300.00 minimum delivery charge over and above the regular charge price of the product delivered. Weekend, holidays, or after normal working hour deliveries (see below) will pay a $425 minimum delivery charge over and above the regular charge price of the product delivered. Any further services needed will be issued an additional charge.
  10. Minimum Orders for Will Call Customers are 300 gallons of LP (tank size 500 plus) or 100 gallons of heating fuel. Any deliveries made for less than minimum will be billed at charge price and do not qualify for the cash discount.
  11. Tank Access: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a path has been cleared to the tank so that our drivers have access to fill/service them. A $50.00 minimum fee will be charged if the driver can’t access the tank. If the driver cannot access the tank due to excessive snow/debris, the delivery or service will not be completed. You will need to call the office once the path has been cleared. The 3-5 business days for delivery or the $300.00 same day delivery fee may apply. This tank access policy applies to all propane customers regardless of being Keep Full or Will Call. 
  12. Out-of-Gas Propane: Customers not on a keep full account will be charged an additional $85.00 leak check. If the customer is not home and prior arrangements have not been made for the leak check to be performed, the delivery will not be made. Additional charges will be assessed if another trip must be made. Customers who run out twice in a season will be asked to find another supplier.
  13. Our employees have the right to refuse delivery if an unsafe condition exists.


  • SAME DAY Delivery: $300.00
  • After Hours Delivery (4 p.m.–7 a.m., Monday–Thursday): $425.00
  • Weekends or Holiday Delivery (Noon Friday–7 a.m. Monday): $425.00
  • Labor Rate per Hour per Person: $105.00 (1 hour minimum)
  • Leak/Pressure Check: $85.00
  • No Tank Access Fee: $50 - $150 minimum

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