SVC Communites

Sioux Valley Cooperative is owned and controlled by its local members, so the importance of supporting our local communities is a high priority. SVC believes in the importance of supporting what makes communities grow and giving back to our loyal members.

In 2022, SVC donated to over 100 organizations in our local communities! While we would love to support every good cause, we are limited. If you would like SVC to consider donating to your organization or an upcoming event, fundraiser, or sponsorship, please use the donation request form below.


After the form is complete, it can be emailed to our team for review at marketing ( If SVC is able to contribute to your organization, you will be contacted via email.

Sioux Valley Coop Cares Campaign

Every holiday season, during the months of November and December, SVC launches their Sioux Valley Coop Cares Campaign. Throughout this campaign, patrons can donate their earned points to select local charities, and SVC will match and double that contribution. In 2022, we are hoping to provide donations to 8 different local charities! Points are earned through every dollar spent at SVC. Patrons simply need to scan their barcode or physical card before completing their purchase at any SVC location.