With the Sioux Valley Coop Loyalty program, you have the opportunity to earn points when you make purchases as well as the freedom to pick how you would like to redeem your points!


Earn Loyalty Points

One (1) point is earned for every $1 spent. Points never expire, and you can continue to save them! Just remember to swipe or scan your loyalty ID or enter your phone number at the point of sale so our system can recognize you as a loyalty member. Once your receipt prints, you can confirm your earned and total points at the bottom of the slip. You can also track your points through our Sioux Valley Coop app! 

Redeem Points

You can either redeem your points for dollars off in-store purchases or cents off per-gallons of fuel. Redemption values are below! Note, we currently have a $5 max redemption value in-store. You will be prompted to redeem your points at the point of sale. This will show as a discount option at the pump or a dollars off question inside the store.

100 Points

  • $1 off in-store purchase or
  • 5¢ off 20 gallons of gas/diesel maximum

250 Points

  • $2.50 off in-store purchase or
  • 15¢ off 20 gallons of gas/diesel maximum

500 Points

  • $5 off in-store purchase

1,000 Points

  • 50¢ off 20 gallons of gas/diesel maximum

CLUB Points

The Sioux Valley Coop Loyalty program also offers 3 different Clubs to reward you when you buy your favorite things. 
  • Buy 5 fountain drinks, get 1 FREE!
  • Buy 5 New England Coffees, get 1 FREE!
  • Buy 5 Large Pizzas, get 1 FREE!