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Godfather’s Opening Delayed at Hwy 20 C-Store

Watertown, SD — Last month, Sioux Valley Cooperative announced its upcoming addition of Godfather’s Pizza and Chicken to their Hwy 20 location. In a previous release, January 11th was indicated as the opening date. Due to delays in receiving and installing equipment, the opening date will now be Thursday, January 18th, 2024.

Positive Customer Impact

To allow time for the team to reset the kitchen, get necessary Godfather’s equipment properly installed with appropriate safety measures, and train the staff, it was decided to delay the opening one more week. The kitchen/deli at Hwy 20 will continue to have limited hot food available in the meantime.

“We are excited for the new addition of Godfather’s to our Hwy 20 location! We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding with the delays of opening a new feature to this C-Store.” said Retail Operations Director, Renae Greenfield.

Product Availability

Godfathers will be actively training the team at Sioux Valley Cooperative’s Hwy 20 location from Monday, January 15th–Wednesday, January 17th. After officially opening on Thursday, January 18th, Sioux Valley Coop will honor any current Godfathers coupons and/or certificates they are able to until December 31st, 2024. Big Deals certificates will be limited to one per transaction. Buffet coupons will not be recognized at the Hwy 20 location due to there not being a buffet available.