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SVC 68th Annual Meeting

Sioux Valley Coop Redistributes $2.27 Million in 2022

Patronage Dividends

Watertown Recently at the 68th Annual Meeting held on Tuesday, March 12th, Sioux Valley Coop announced that $2.27 million would be redistributed to patrons up from last year’s $1.8 million.

Sioux Valley Coop

Sioux Valley Coop is owned and controlled by its local members. This means the annual revenue goes back to our members at the end of each year. The more products purchased through SVC, the more return on investment patrons receive. Our goal is to continue providing the best services and products to our owners at competitive prices while maintaining a solid company through growth aspirations.

SVC operates through an elected Board of Directors and an office staff. This year, Marlowe Lamb and Peter Bisgard were reelected to their positions and will continue to serve Sioux Valley Coop through the Board of Directors.


The check portion of the dividend that patrons receive is for the cash portion of their calculated purchases - the remainder will be paid out in equity. If you are a member of SVC, you have ownership of the $26.9 million dollars of total member equity. 

Equity is the value of what we retain as a patron’s ownership in the coop to operate. This dollar value has the patron’s name on it and is redeemed when 1) the patron turns 70yrs of age, 2) an estate, or 3) the board decides to retire the stock early.

To open a membership account and start benefiting from being a part of Sioux Valley Coop, you can submit a credit application for either your personal or business use at siouxvalleycoop.com/financing today. You will be issued a card or cards to use to make your SVC purchases and will receive statements at the beginning of each month for the month prior. If multiple cards are on the account, the statement will reflect the activity on each individual card.

Local Commitment

Sioux Valley Coop is committed to supporting its local communities in eastern South Dakota. Last year, we were able to support 100 different organizations and causes in our local communities. To support SVC is to support the local communities it’s in.

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