October is National Coop Month: Cooperatives are Looking to the Future

October is National Coop Month: Cooperatives are Looking to the Future

The theme of this year’s National Coop Month, “Coops See the Future,” embodies what co-ops envision and work to achieve every day—a more sustainable and inclusive tomorrow.

Celebrated by Sioux Valley Coop, and cooperatives nationwide during the month of October, Coop Month is an opportunity to celebrate the many ways cooperatives are using innovation to create shared prosperity for their members and communities.

With more than 40,000 cooperatives creating stable jobs and a more sustainable economy across the U.S., co-ops represent a proven way to do business and build communities.

A cooperative is a business that is owned and controlled by its members, and has the ability to adapt and invest in the interest of its members. Rather than rewarding outside investors with its profits, a coop returns surplus revenue to its patrons in proportion to how much they use the coop’s products and services. Since its inception in 1956, Sioux Valley Coop has paid back more than $27 million to patrons.

On a local level, Sioux Valley Coop employs 85 trained and dedicated individuals throughout its locations across northeast South Dakota.

“As a local, customer owned business, we take pride in adapting to the ever changing marketplace trends and the needs of our customers. Local means dollars spent stay in the communities we serve, and excess profits are returned to our customers, the owners.  We invest for the future to maintain growth and long term sustainability. In the coop, we consider you family,” said Jared Landmark, CEO Sioux Valley Coop.

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