Diesel & Gas

Treat Your Engine Right, Treat it with the Best

Whether you’re running Cenex Roadmaster XL on the highway or Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster in the field, you’re benefiting from more than 50 years of Cenex experience as an industry leader in premium diesel fuel. Cenex leads the industry in premium diesel fuel, with a proprietary blend that maximizes performance and fuel efficiency, reduces downtime and maintenance costs, extends injector and injector pump life and provides quicker, smoother starts. Sioux Valley Co-op is proud to deliver your premium, bulk fuel at a competitive price and in an efficient manner.

Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster


Cenex Roadmaster XL


Top Tier Gasoline

Every time you gas up at one of our locations, your car is getting an automatic tune up thanks to our Cenex Top Tier Detergent Gasoline. With2.5x more detergent than regular fuel, it maximizes performance and efficiency for a cleaners engine and less trips to the mechanic at no additional cost.