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Why We’re Different: We’re Built to Serve

Halloween just happened, and we’re already being bombarded with holiday shopping ads, gift guides and more. The ‘holiday hype’ sheds light on the differences between non-local, commercial businesses and those of our locally owned coop. The big difference, you ask? We are built to serve.

While we may look like a typical, commercial business from the outside, how we operate internally is what makes us different. A cooperative business is set up by those whom it serves and is controlled by them directly. This model allows us to serve our communities by providing products and services, creating jobs, and most importantly, by giving back through charitable contributions. In 2017, our coop supported the work of local non-profits, scholarships and booster clubs, medical benefits and more.

This holiday season our focus will continue to be what it has been for the last sixty years – serving our communities. In November, we will be kicking off our third annual Sioux Valley Coop Cares campaign, and we need your help to make it a success! This campaign is an opportunity for everyone in our communities to give back to the non-profit organizations who selflessly serve others throughout the year.

Sioux Valley Coop Cares is taking place now through December 23rd at all of our convenience store locations (East Highway 212 and Highway 20 in Watertown: Highway 12 & 25, Webster; and Highway 25 in Roslyn).  Simply use your Fuel Advantage card to earn points on everyday purchases. Once you earn 500 points, DONATE them by visiting any of our c-stores (note: effective this year we are unable to accept donation requests at our main office). For every 500 points you donate, we will donate $10 to a non-profit organization of your choice.

Participating non-profit organizations include: Codington County Cares, The PACH Program, Veterans Group, Webster Swim team, Watertown Figure Skate Club, Upside of Downs, Strand Kjorsvig Rest Home and the following schools: Immaculate Conception, Great Plains Lutheran, St. Martins and Watertown Christian.

If you don’t have a Fuel Advantage card, sign up at any of our c-stores or by registering here.

Thank you in advance for showing your supporting and giving back to our local non-profits!

October is National Coop Month: Cooperatives are Looking to the Future

The theme of this year’s National Coop Month, “Coops See the Future,” embodies what co-ops envision and work to achieve every day—a more sustainable and inclusive tomorrow.

Celebrated by Sioux Valley Coop, and cooperatives nationwide during the month of October, Coop Month is an opportunity to celebrate the many ways cooperatives are using innovation to create shared prosperity for their members and communities.

With more than 40,000 cooperatives creating stable jobs and a more sustainable economy across the U.S., co-ops represent a proven way to do business and build communities.

A cooperative is a business that is owned and controlled by its members, and has the ability to adapt and invest in the interest of its members. Rather than rewarding outside investors with its profits, a coop returns surplus revenue to its patrons in proportion to how much they use the coop’s products and services. Since its inception in 1956, Sioux Valley Coop has paid back more than $27 million to patrons.

On a local level, Sioux Valley Coop employs 85 trained and dedicated individuals throughout its locations across northeast South Dakota.

“As a local, customer owned business, we take pride in adapting to the ever changing marketplace trends and the needs of our customers. Local means dollars spent stay in the communities we serve, and excess profits are returned to our customers, the owners.  We invest for the future to maintain growth and long term sustainability. In the coop, we consider you family,” said Jared Landmark, CEO Sioux Valley Coop.

Credit Card Skimming: How it Works and How You Can Stay Safe

According to the financial company Shazam, credit card fraud via skimmers is one of the biggest threat to consumers in 2018. Victims of credit card skimming are always blindsided by the theft. They notice fraudulent charges or money withdrawn from their account, all while their credit or debit card is still in the safety of their possession. How does this happen?

Credit card skimming is a type of theft that occurs when a thief uses a small device called a skimmer to steal credit card information during a legitimate transaction. When a credit or debit card is swiped through a skimmer, the device captures and saves all of cards the information which is stored on the magnetic strip. The thief then uses the stolen information to make fraudulent charges either online or with a fake credit card.

Where are skimmers located? Often times, they’re placed over the card swipe mechanism on ATMs and gas pumps; however, they can be placed on nearly any type of credit card reader. On ATMs, some thieves place a small, hidden camera which is used to record the consumer entering their PIN.

How do you spot a credit card skimmer?

Unless you’re looking for the device, you may not even notice it is there. They’re designed to blend in seamlessly with the machine they are placed on. Here are a few ways you can detect a credit card skimmer:

  • Look for a credit card skimmer that sticks out past the panel of the ATM or gas pump. Because skimmers are designed to fit over the existing credit card reader, you will notice it protruding outward past the rest of the machine.
  • Look and listen for loose or moving parts when the card reader is jiggled. Moving parts are a sign the card reader has been tampered with or modified.
  • Look for a security seal that has been voided: Gas stations place a security label across the gas pump that lets you know if the panel on the pump has been tampered with.

Thankfully, many financial institutions and credit card issuers are becoming better at detecting fraudulent transactions. They will notify and confirm with you that the transaction is legitimate before processing. In addition, many new types of technology have been developed to prevent this malicious activity. For example, Gilbarco now offers fuel pumps with tamperproof technology. In the event that a thief attempts to place a skimmer, the pump will disable until a technician arrives to service it. All Sioux Valley Coop c-store locations are equipped with this technology.


Blaine Edwards Joins Sioux Valley Coop

Join us in welcoming our newest employee, and IT Technician, Blaine Edwards! Blaine is an IT Professional with four years’ previous experience working in the ag equipment industry. During that time he provided IT support for 200 employees across 6 locations. In his spare time he is an EMT with the Estelline ambulance service. Join us in welcoming, Blaine!

Sioux Valley Coop Cares

Sioux Valley Coop Launches Annual Giving Campaign

WATERTOWN, SD – Sioux Valley Coop announced the launch of their 2nd annual giving campaign, Sioux Valley Coop Cares. The campaign is run through their Fuel Advantage loyalty program, and is designed to work with customers to give back to local non-profit organizations.

Through the Fuel Advantage Program, customers can earn points on their everyday purchases such as fuel, food and drinks by swiping their Fuel Advantage card. Once they’ve accumulated enough points, they can redeem their points for free items such as snacks, beverages and carwashes, or they can convert their points to dollars and donating them to a local non-profit organization of their choice. For every 500 points donated, Sioux Valley Coop donates $5.00.

During the campaign, if customers choose to donate their points to a non-profit organization Sioux Valley Coop will match every donation dollar for dollar. For every 500 points donated, Sioux Valley Coop will donate $10.00. The participating non-profit organizations are: Codington County Cares, The PACH Program, Veterans Group, Webster Swim team, Upside of Downs, Strand-Kjorsvig Community Rest Home and the following schools: Immaculate Conception, Great Plains Lutheran, St. Martin’s and Watertown Christian. Stop by any of their convenience store locations in Webster, Watertown or Roslyn to make a donation.

For more information, visit:

Stronger Together

Here in rural America, there are three things that never change. The land, the commitment of the families that farm it, and the loyalty of the local cooperative, which provides the inputs, markets and information farmers and ranchers need to stay profitable. As part of a bigger system that can handle the logistics of global markets, (local co-op name) can tie your farm operation to buyers and sellers far beyond the county line. It also helps to represent your interests in shaping state, local and national policy.

As a member-owner of our local co-op, you have a say in how it operates, who runs it, and the local communities it supports. You also share in its success through patronage dividends based on earnings from the products you buy, the grain you sell and the services you use. That’s money that stays in our local community, and helps us all thrive.

Being local, our co-op knows you, your land, and what it takes to make your operation successful. We approach your business like a partner who has your best interests in mind. So in addition to providing quality inputs, we offer the risk management, agronomic and other services your operation needs.

As technologies change, it’s the next generations of farmers who face the challenge of staying current. By staying on the forefront of emerging technologies, we help young producers stay relevant while forming relationships that last a lifetime. Access to modern information helps younger farmers remain in the community and raises the bar for all members.

When you’re a member of Sioux Valley Coop, everyone wins. You gain a valuable local resource, the co-op grows stronger, and the community in which we live gains a strong economic anchor that helps fund local initiatives and allows the community to thrive. Wherever you find successful farming operations and strong local communities, you’ll find a local cooperative that helped them grow.

Farming has always been about working together. Without each other, growing becomes more difficult. That’s why we continue to work as a team, every day. Together we grow stronger.

Haley Rawsthorne, New Director of Human Resources

Haley Rawsthorne is a Human Resource Professional with five years’ previous experience working in the Ag Equipment industry. During that time she provided HR support for 200 employees across 6 locations. She brings a passion for providing high level support to employees. Her specialties are recruiting, creating workplace efficiency, benefit administration and training. In her spare time she enjoys gardening & spending time with her family on their hobby farm. 

Sioux Valley Coop Acquires Fuel Assets of Nassau Farmers’ Coop

(Watertown, SD) – On July 20, 2017, the patron of the Nassau Farmers’ Elevator Company in Nassau, MN voted by a 97% margin to merge with the Wheaton-Dumont Coop Elevator. The Nassau Farmers’ Elevator Company has grain, agronomy and energy, (Wheaton-Dumont Coop Elevator. Nassau Farmers’ Elevator Company Merges into Wheaton-Dumont Coop Elevator. Philip Deal, 20 July 2017. Web. 31 Aug. 2017.).

In a joint statement released Friday, Jared Landmark, CEO of Sioux Valley Coop in Watertown, and Philip Deal, General Manager of the Wheaton-Dumont Coop Elevator, announced they have finalized an agreement under which Sioux Valley Coop has acquired all fuel assets of the Nassau Farmers’ Elevator. The agreement was made final on Friday, September 1st.

“This acquisition is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Sioux Valley Coop is expanding its footprint into new sales territory, while at the same time offering premium energy products and services to farmers, home owners, and business owners,” said Jared Landmark.

For more information about Sioux Valley Coop, or to schedule a delivery, visit or call 605.886.5829.

NEW Sioux Valley Coop Highway 20 Store

Say hello to our new convenience store located on Highway 20 in Watertown! Once completed, the 6,000 square foot store will feature a well lit, modern design, fuel pumps that are easy to access, and a market that offers meals, snacks, grocery items and more! We thank you for your continued support and business! If all goes according to plan, the new store will be open this November!

Changes are coming to our Highway 20 location in Watertown!

Dear Sioux Valley Coop Customers,

Throughout the past few years, we’ve been monitoring a dramatic shift in the automotive service industry. Changing technology and increasing competition has had a significant impact on our business and our ability to drive revenue. For example, if you purchase a car, many dealerships will include service appointments (tire rotations, oil changes, etc.) as part of the purchase price. Also, the customer we serviced then is not the same customer we service today. Customers drive newer vehicles that require advanced technology and tools for servicing that we don’t have. This is not a sign of failure. Rather, this is the evolution of an industry.

Given these changes, our board of directors made the decision to exit the automotive service business and close our service shop on Highway 20 in Watertown effect May 31st, 2017. Once the shop has been closed, an auction will be held June 10th, 2017 in an effort to liquidate tools, office furniture, etc. In July, work will begin on the convenience store to transform it into a newly renovated, full-fledged convenience store.

We realize this is an inconvenience, however, the end results will benefit our community and the needs of our customers.  During construction, there are a few key details we would like to make you aware of:

  • Business will remain as usual our 24 hour Cardtrol location on south Highway 81, and our convenience store located on Highway 212. Stop by for all of your fuel needs.
  • You will have the ability to purchase fuel from the pumps at our Highway 20 location with your membership card until June 18th. Outside sales only.
  • If you purchased DEF from our Highway 20 location, we ask that you visit our South Highway 81 Cardtrol. DEF will be available at the pumps.
  • We kindly ask all customers needing signed tickets to go to our Highway 212 location.
  • Our Highway 212 location will also have packaged oil and grease products, and a propane filling station for tanks and RV’s.
  • If you’re looking for propane fittings or other related parts, please call our main office at 605-886-5829.
  • If you’re looking to have your vehicle serviced, we encourage you to check out these local shops who carry our Sioux Valley Coop Cenex products:
    • Community Oil –Roslyn, 486-4358
    • H&B Truck Shop—Watertown, 886-4011
    • Horters Restoration and Repair—Bristol, 492-3641
    • Schucards Westside GMC—Watertown, 886-5694
    • Sioux Valley Repair—Watertown, 880-2084

We are looking forward to this change, and ask that you join us in welcoming this exciting opportunity with an open mind and positive attitude. If you have any questions, please call us at 886-5829.



Jared Landmark, CEO

Sioux Valley Coop