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Sioux Valley Coop Cares Campaign

Together, we are better. That is why we are excited to announce our new annual giving campaign, Sioux Valley Coop Cares. Join us now through December 23rd as we give back to local charities through our Fuel Advantage program.

Throughout the duration of the campaign, we encourage you to use your Fuel Advantage card as you normally would; swipe your card to earn points on your everyday purchases and to receive an instant $0.03 discount on every gallon of gas or diesel. You can still redeem your points for free times like snacks, drinks, or carwashes. OR, you can show your appreciation and support by donating your points to a local charity of your choice. For every 500 points donated, we will donate $5.00 to the charity of your choice (as per the standard Fuel Advantage program details). In addition, now through December 23rd, we will donate $5.00 and match every donation dollar for dollar! To show our appreciation for your generosity, we will also give you a free carwash for every point donation you make! The local charities we will give back to this holiday season are: Codington County Cares, The PACH Program, Veterans Group, Webster Swim Team, and the following schools: Immaculate Conception, Great Plains Lutheran, St. Martins, and Watertown Christian. All Sioux Valley Coop C-Store locations are participating in this campaign (Highways 212 and 20 in Watertown, Highway 25 & 12 in Webster, and Highway 25 in Roslyn).

Joining our Fuel Advantage program is easy and free! All new members will receive 300 points just for signing up now through December 23rd. Don’t have a Fuel Advantage card? Sign up at our corporate office or any of our C-store locations. Or visit:

Sioux Valley Coop Acquires Community Oil of the Glacial Lakes

(Watertown, SD) –Jared Landmark, CEO of Sioux Valley Coop in Watertown, and Danny Kjos, CEO of Community Oil of the Glacial Lakes, announced they have finalized an agreement under which Sioux Valley Coop has acquired Community Oil of the Glacial Lakes, a bulk fuel delivery business out of Roslyn, SD. The agreement was made final on Tuesday, September 6th .

“This acquisition will benefit our customers. It will enhance our capabilities and allow us to provide a wider variety of products and services. It will also help create more opportunities in Roslyn and in the surrounding areas,” said Jared Landmark.

Employees of Glacial Lakes Community Oil will continue their employment under the leadership of Jared Landmark and Sioux Valley Coop.

Fall Harvest Safety Tips & Reminders

It’s hard to believe; summer has come and gone and September is here! For many in our area, that means fall harvest is quickly approaching! Soon farmers and their hired hands will have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. This means seasoned veterans, fresh newbies and everyone in-between will be on the road and in the fields grinding out their duties. Farmers are no stranger to long hours and tough working conditions. The rush of harvest time often means it’s the deadliest time of year on the farm.

With that being said, we are bringing YOU, farmers and city folk, a few tips as a friendly reminder to stay safe this harvest season!

  1. Always wear your seat belt! Seat belts save lives.
  2. Be vigilant. This applies to everyone – farmers in the field, on the road hauling loads and motorists on the road. Be aware of your surroundings. If you see a slow moving vehicle, be prepared to slow down quickly. Also be watching for wildlife. With machines in the field, wildlife is on the move which increases the likelihood of collision.
  3. Don’t crowd slow moving machinery.
  4. Don’t stand on grain that is being moved. Every year, people “drown” in grain carts and bins. In 2014, a whopping 71 confined-space accidents were reported. That’s 71 too many.
  5. Keep children on the farm safe! If kids are working on the farm, assign kid age-appropriate duties. Watch them diligently and talk to them about the hazards of the farm. Also, watch for small children in the farm yard as machinery is coming and going.
  6. Get your BLS certification. This is something EVERYONE can benefit from. The ultimate goal is to minimize your risk and NOT have to use it, but if you’re ever in a situation your basic life support certification can be the difference between life and death.
  7. Farmers, make yourself seen!
  8. Grain Bins. Keep them locked when they’re not in use. Never enter a bin unless necessary. In this case use proper safety equipment (ladders, harnesses, face masks, etc.) Always have a helper nearby when entering grain bins.
  9. Don’t wear loose clothing around equipment or work areas.
  10. Outfit tractors and farm trucks with fire extinguishers and first aid kits.
  11. Don’t text and drive.